Photograph: Danny LawsonPA Scotland would vote yes to independence if yet another referendum were held today just six weeks after a majority voted no, a poll has identified. Independence now has the backing of 52 of men and women in Scotland compared with 48 for the union, a YouGov poll for the Occasions has found. When individuals that would not vote or don’t know are included, the split is 49 for yes and 45 for no, the poll of 1,078 Scottish grown-ups between 27 and 30 October discovered. Scotland voted 55 in favour of keeping the British Isles together in the referendum on 18 September.

2-fifths of people think a second poll will be held inside the subsequent 10 years, slightly more 45 want this to take place then again 16 never need a further one, the poll identified. It comes on the back of a separate Ipsos Mori poll for STV on Friday which found two-thirds of Scots need a further independence referendum within the subsequent ten years while more than half think a vote on the countrys future ought to take place inside just five years. Saturdays YouGovTimes poll also discovered 43 of Labour supporters now back independence, with only 22 saying Labour represents their interests well against 65 who say it represents them badly. Facts from the same poll released on Friday suggests the party is facing a near wipeout in Scotland, with the SNP enjoying a 16-point lead on Westminster voting intentions.

The Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont quit a week ago complaining that United Kingdom Labour treats Scotland like a branch office.

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